Being Present AND Relaxed

From William: Over the last few weeks I have really focused on being present in every moment of my day to day life (having a shower, shaving, making breakfast, working at my desk, etc.). It requires a great deal of determination and persistence to keep coming back to the present moment especially after the thousandth time of thinking about something else, that is either in the past or in the future.

I feel like it has become easier the longer I keep showing myself that is where I want to be – in the present. The next step I took was to focus on being more relaxed when in the present moment. Again, the more I persisted (in an easy non-pushy way) on just relaxing with the present moment the easier it became. I have to say being present AND relaxed feels so good.

Have fun relaxing with the present moment – it’s all we have, the rest is just a mental process, thoughts of what has happened or what might happen.

With love and smiles


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  1. Amanda Ford says:

    Thanks William! I certainly don't have this down yet. I am a bit of a perfectionist (recovering perfectionist)! Anyway, we actually started our program with volunteers this week. It was such an amazing week! To see people who have just met our children (from our church) love them unconditionally is such a blessing. Thank you for all you taught us. We are hoping to come back in the future. We LOVE SON RISE!!

    Love, Amanda
    Mom to Hayden and Pierce ID twin boys (Feb start up)

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