A Building Idea

FROM KATE: Hello Everyone! I write to you from my office here At The Autism Treatment Center of America, with the sun shinning through my window. It is very early in the morning, and we have a beautiful 5 year old girl with autism here at The Son-Rise Program Intensive, her and her family have come to us all the way from Australia, and I look forward to a beautiful day full of learning and creativity.

This weeks video blog talks about a simple building idea that will make US more interesting to our children as we respond in our usual “Son-Rise Program User Friendly way” as they request us to get them things from the shelf.

If you are on face book right now, just click on the title of this blog, then on “View original blog”‘ and then on the video itself, otherwise just click on the video below, or visit our YouTube channel where all the other video blogs are store for you and your volunteers convenience.
Much love to you all

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