Building is a one man circus!

From Katrina: Ola muito bom amigos! (This is loosely translated to hello wonderful friends in Portuguese) Have you ever watched someone else in a Son-Rise Program playroom? Our children are the luckiest alive, and they obviously have some of the best isms in the world. To be able to go back to isming after watching some of the hilarious builds I have seen, you know their isms gotta be good!

Yesterday I had one of those lovely sessions where I did the joining/building dance over and over and over. These sessions are so much fun because you get to see how creative and hysterical you can truly be and then let it go at the drop of a hat. Now, for those of you who might need a refresher: building is a technique that we use when a child gives us a green light (e.g. looks, talks, etc.)We start a game based on something that child is doing. If the child is interested, great! We keep going and thus a game is formed. If the child goes back to isming, great! We then go back to joining and build when we have another green light.

Wow! SO much fun, yesterday I was juggling therapy balls with my feet, I had Noddy being eaten by a stuffed fish, I was rolling around giggling, I was reading bedtime stories to a giant horse, I made a toilet train out of cardboard blocks….and the list goes on. Not once did I have a game longer than 30 seconds, but I had so much fun. I challenge you to let yourself go when building, do whatever pops into your head and present it enthusiastically (then record it, and when you need a pick me up watch your own comedy!) And if your child goes back to isming, trust that it’s not that you aren’t entertaining, its just that his/her ism is just that good!

Have fun being a one man circus!

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  1. Thx Katrina. You really inspired us to be better every day, every time we go into the playroom. You guys are really special. Thank you!

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