Enjoying Every Minute With Your Child

There is great excitement in our house this weekend as Iron Man 2 is out and Tom is so excited to go and see it the movie tomorrow….it just makes me really smile as I hear him chatter on about the movie and so appreciate how far Tom has come in his Son-Rise Program. When we first started his Son-Rise Program he found going out very difficult and would get very anxious going to places like the cinema which were dark and had lots of people in there and now to see him just so wanting to do all these things that his peers are now doing is amazing and really makes Andy and I appreciate the journey Tom has been on with the help of so many wonderful people including our family, volunteers and of course all the staff at ATCA. By the way Tom was chatting to Jack, Son-Rise Child Facilitator, last night and I explained to Tom that Jack had just got back from the States and Tom asked Jack on the phone ‘Did you meet Robert Downey Jr?’ (AKA IronMan), so funny. x

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