Every New Day Holds Magical Lessons

FROM BRANDI: Chapter from the Son-Rise Program

Last week I had the pleasure of playing with a wonderful 11 year old girl in our Son-Rise Intensive Playroom. Looking back I am filled with an endless amount of gratitude for the experiences that we shared together. She was a gracious teacher who guided me through each powerful moment and patiently allowed me to follow her lead.

When I walked into the playroom she was standing on the table with big brown eyes and a contagious smile. She sang a familiar melody that I also loved singing as a child. I laughed with delight as she sang “Jingle Bells,” with a look of sheer happiness on her face. I immediately began singing this with her as she touched my cheek and watched me sing.

Throughout the week I used “Jingle Bells,” to inspire more eye contact and as the week progressed I saw more and more of those beautiful brown eyes. During our time together I believed that loving this song was the same as loving her.

At the end of the week I brought in my guitar and sang “Jingle Bells.” I grew my love for this song so big that I couldn’t imagine singing anything else. She sat on the slide swaying back and forth while tapping her foot. It was then that she taught me in a huge way the beauty of looking into another’s eyes with purpose and love.

We stared into each others eyes for 45 seconds straight without looking away while I sang. Until that moment I had not looked into another persons eyes for that amount of time with such purpose. She taught me how much can be said and felt with our eyes alone. How amazing!!!!! My beautiful new friend ended up facilitating me!!! Let me know what your Son-Rise children teach you this week. Every day that passes they are sharing magical lessons with us all : )

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