Experience the Power of the Moment!!!

From Brandi: A Chapter From The Son-Rise Program

Today I walked into the playroom and saw a beautiful boy sitting in silence with a spoon and ball. I watched his hand rise and fall in a steady motion as the melody of his taps filled the air. His eyes did not look up as I moved towards him. His concentration remained steady and determined as I walked closer. No rhythm was missed or tap lost as I greeted him with a smile. I reached for my own spoon and ball then allowed my hand to rise and fall in a steady motion.
The melody of our taps filled the room as we stared at our spoons. I found myself needing nothing more in that moment. My mind grew silent as we became conductors of our own orchestra of taps. For twenty minutes I opened my mind and soul to being with this wonderful little boy in his world. No thoughts of yesterday or tomorrow filled my head.
I wanted for nothing more than our unique experience together. My love grew so big that goose bumps formed in single file up and down my arms. It was after this rush of love and appreciation that he dropped his spoon, looked at me and then smiled. I needed nothing from him yet he gave me everything. I challenge you to enter the playroom today with no agenda besides enjoying the present moment. Enjoy the power of what it has to offer!!!!!!

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