Playroom High

FROM KATRINA : Okay, I admit it, occasionally I get crabby. I probably just shattered your vision of the Son Rise Program staff,(just teasing) but even we get crabby. On Thursday morning I was like this. My baby girl didn’t really sleep well, and I looked at my husband who got to sleep in and I let myself be affected by it. But lucky for me I was able to have a therapy session straight away -that’s right, I went in the playroom.

Now, so you know, even before I go in the room, I choose to be excited. I leave my outside life behind at the door, and I go in ready to show the child a world of love! However, going in the room gives me such a high anyway. There is really something about letting yourself go and concentrating on loving another human being with total acceptance. There is no room for self-absorption when you are sharing the joy of life and connection with an autistic child (or adult). Once again, I have to tell you…. I LOVE MY JOB!!

The playroom set my day off right, and when I came back out of the room, I decided to not pick up that crabbiness again. Who needs it after that?

Wishing you all love and fun in the playroom! Have a great weekend!

P.S. For anyone who will be at Maximum Impact next week, I’d love to meet you. I will be greeeting people on Sunday in the Mountain House between 5 and 9 pm.

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