Language is Possible at Any Age!

FROM KATRINA: Recently I talked to the mother of an eight year old boy whom I worked with years ago in a different capacity before I had been blessed to learn of the amazing Son-Rise program. As I talked with her she told me her son was “still not talking”, and I told her…”he can.” She started crying, she was so happy to have someone just believe in her son.

Not only do I believe that children who have never spoken, can… I see it every day of my life. Children making obvious attempts at language with their parents when they hadn’t before, children saying new words for the first time ever, children speaking deliberately and being excited that someone is listening. I sometimes forget how amazing it is, because I see it constantly. I am here to tell you, speaking at any age is possible!!! And not only for children, I’ve seen it and heard stories with adults as well. There is no age limit on language!!!!

One of the most important techniques in getting your child to talk, is believing that they can in the first place! Then open your ears. Often times parents will come to the Autism Treatment Center of America to our intensive saying their child has 0 words and we hear them straight away. Once you believe your child can speak and you listen to what they are saying, you might be surprised to find out they have been communicating to you this whole time!

wishing you all the best!

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  1. Thanks Katrina, I need to hear that time and again to keep me motivated and to help my son know I am listening. He is making wonderful progress with language since we started his son rise program in January. It is because I believe he can and have opened my ears.

    Thanks again.

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