From Toni: Starting with a NEW Introduction

From Toni: Yesterday I had the priviledge of making my first sheriff’s report! YAY haha. I was sitting with my Autistic son, Zachary, waiting for the Deputy. Zac was becoming very impatient- starting to whine and not wanting to sit in his seat. I checked in with myself… Yep, I was just thinking, ‘Sheesh, how long is this guy gonna take?!’ Amazing. I told Zac that if he whines and kinda makes a fuss that it actually wasn’t going to get us out of here any faster, in fact it could seem that our wait is even longer if we focus on it! Great advice for mom AND child 🙂 We both waited patiently for several more minutes.

When the Deputy entered the waiting area he introduced himself and shook my hand then turned to Zachary, observing that he was covering his ears and not really looking at the man in uniform that “most” children would be checking out from head to toe… “Good morning Buddy! He must be a little shy”. This is when I went into my “Robot world”. I said ” Oh, Zachary is Autistic, he doesn’t talk” Is this the way I introduce him to everyone? WHOA! What if Zac wanted to look and say something?? In all the events of my day this one was the most exciting, the most life changing; realizing that one small introduction was loaded with SO MANY BELIEFS! Was there a little fear wrapped up in it too?

What a gift it was to be present with myself in that moment. Today, not even 24 hours later, I have totally new beliefs about the way I will introduce my son, myself, or anyone special in my life. I didn’t “need” to call someone for advice, I didn’t “need” to judge myself for any of it… I opened up my great big Son-Rise/Option tool box in my soul and reached in without looking and the tool fell right into my hand.

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