Happy Autism Awareness Month!

FROM BECKY: Since working at The Autism Treatment Center of America and many years of volunteering in different playrooms, I have learned to face many fears over that time. The Son-Rise Program playroom has not only been a place for growth in the children I work with but also incredible growth in me.

One of the areas I have stretched myself over the years is to be BIGGER both in and out of the playroom. When I say bigger, I don’t mean by eating more french fries and ice-cream (for those of you who know me, I have actually become smaller, in my physical frame), what I mean is daring to be who I am, to let my light shine, trust myself and to believe that I have something to offer!

One way in which I kept myself small has been to be what I call a “Closet Musician”, that means I have been playing music and singing in private since I was a child because I have been too scared to show that side of myself to those around me.

Recently I have begun to emerge from this closet gradually by writing and playing songs to those around me and even forming my own band along with Son-Rise Facilitators Susan Humphries and Brandi Davis.

Tomorrow night we are holding a benefit gig during which we will perform some of our songs to up to 150 people in honor of Autism awareness. All the proceeds will go to The Autism treatment Center of America.

The reason that I am willing to spread my wings, drop my guard and take this daring action is because I want to practice what I preach! I am constantly inspired by the children and parents that I work with every day who look their challenges in the face and break through walls. This is my way of showing you that I am with you all the way!

Above is the poster for anyone who can make it. This benefit was organized by Tammy Chapman and Chris Merenda, staff here at The Option Institute.

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