I’m Coming to Get You!

FROM KATRINA: Hey fantastic friends, [to be read in a sales man voice] Looking to add more spice to your games? Do you want them to be more exciting, last longer, with more eye contact? Then have I got a technique for you! Now introducing……….anticipation!

Hmmm, great word, but what does it mean? The actual definition of the word is “pleasurable expectation”. In the Son-Rise program we use anticipation to make games more exciting. You probably do it to some extent already. Think of how if you might do a funny sneeze for your child. You don’t just say “achoo”, you really get into it and say “ahh-ahhh-ahh-chooooooo”, you draw it out to give them that extra bit of motivation.

Now try doing that with all of your games. For instance, imagine a tickle game with your child. You tickle them for awhile until they are really giggling, how do you make the game even more exciting? Try running across the room and then slowly moving toward them saying “I’m coming to tickle you”, can’t you just see your child’s face glowing with – you guessed it – anticipation. Then try crawling across the floor towards your child wiggling your fingers by your eyes. Maybe hide behind a door and then pop out and run to get them. Try using the “Jaws” theme song and say “do do” faster and faster until you tickle them. There are so many ways to add in a little anticipation.

Try using any of these techniques with any game and watch the fun unfold!

Wishing you …(drumroll)… a lot of excitement!

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  1. Fuddy says:

    my little bro (well, not biologically..) LOVES THIS!! we play peek-a-boo with LOTSA anticipation and seeing him enjoying this and wanting more and more gets me even MORE excited and would automatically start thinking of other things i can use for him to anticipate. he's AWWWWESOOOOOME!

  2. That's great, isn't it amazing how the more fun we are having the more fun the kids have. Feel free to share more ways that you bring anticipation into the game. Keep being awesome!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Katrina! While I was reading it, my imagination was aglowing! Thank you for being an inspiration and a motivation to us, SONRISE parents. We need that especially when tasks and chores and things to do have gotten our way. Thank you!


    Therese Verzosa
    Auburn, WA

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