A Jingle Bells Hello!

FROM WILLIAM: I have just finished playing with a beautiful 9 yr old girl from India. She is here with her parents taking part in our Son-Rise Program intensive. As I entered the room for the first time she looked into my eyes and continue to do so as she held my hand and proceeded to sing Jingle Bells to me. It was a special moment, her connecting with me and sharing this song that she has sung many times, a song that has helped her in so many different ways. A song that has centered her and created a predictability in her life.

Enjoy your child’s world, the world they create to look after themselves. You can even apply this to your partner!

Love and smiles


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  1. Anonymous says:

    That really touched my heart. Thanks William for always seeing the goodness in everything. Thank you for being a teacher about life and love. SIncerely, Therese Verzosa (Auburn, WAshington), mother to Zach, 6 y/o.

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