Do You Want to Learn More About Your Child?

FROM KATRINA: Hello friends,
This week in the Son-Rise Program Intensive we have a handsome young man. He is not as obvious as some kids in his interests. He will not walk up to you and hand you a toy or look at you and request an item off of the shelf. No, my new friend is a little more enigmatic than that. How than can I connect? How will I find out what will make him purr with excitement? I will tell you! Through joining!

Joining is one of the easiest ways I have found to learn more about a child and what they like, how they possibly feel, and what they want their world to be like. Take for example this young man. Yesterday in my session he tapped two sticks together, sometimes on the therapy ball and scrunched up his nose. What could I take from this? Well when I did it myself I thought: perhaps he scrunches his nose because he likes pressure on the front of his head, perhaps he has a fondness for long objects, maybe he likes vibrations and rythmical predictable movement. We can learn so much about our children by doing what they do and seeing what we see and feel. Then, when they give us an opportunity(a green light) we can offer them a game based on these motivations. When he looked at me, I began drumming like a rockstar (based on his possible intrest in vibrations) and he smiled at me, we played an 8 minute game!

I once had a mother tell me before a Start Up that she learned more about her child in joining him for 1/2 an hour than she had known his whole life. Wow! That is so inspiring! How wonderful that this mother had the opportunity to get to know her child in a deeper way!

Please feel free to share what you have learned about your child through joining!
Love to you all,

P.S. To any of you who are coming to Maximum Impact, I would love to meet you. I will be greeting people in the Mountain House this Sunday between 5-9pm!

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  1. Susana_Portugal says:

    i can´t wait to go to star up program next June…and be able to join my sweet Carol more often. Kisses to all from Sunny and warm Portugal.Susana

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Katrina!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful insights! I am currently working 16 hours a week with two delightful twin boys. They are 3-1/2 and have been in their private Son-Rise program since last May. They are nonverbal, and I could personally relate to the immense value of joining. I have been working with these boys for just about six months now and the journey has been amazing.

    As of late, I have been noticing a melding of the joining and interacting in a way that I haven't observed before. Instead of preferring to be totally exclusive during their isms, they have both (one especially) chosen to take my hand and actively bring me into their isms. This has been becoming increasingly frequent and more intense, including eye contact, laughing, and grabbing my hand.

    The more excited I become about their games which include spinning cards, running and doing puzzles, the longer the bridge becomes between their world and ours. I'm seeing the quality of this interaction, and the awareness grow in their little eyes every day. It's as if they are saying…"Wow, she REALLY loves MY game…maybe hers is just as fun!"

    Again, thanks for your wonderful insights! What extra wonderful time you must have as well.

    Much light,

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