Love Only Exists in the Present Moment

FROM WILLIAM: Woow, I have just had the great fortune of sitting in on a number of classes of the Wide Awake program, taught exclusively and so wonderfully by Bears. In this program individuals, couples, Son-Rise Program Parents, etc. come together for a week to deepen their sense of love and acceptance and passion for action.

One of the idea’s that I walked away with is the notion that the FEELING of love can only exist in the present moment. If I remember a time when I was loving then I am just having a memory of it – this is not a feeling of love – this is a thought about having been loving.

I can choose to give myself a feeling of love right here and now. And right now. And right now. Etc. The gift to yourself and the world is to keep deciding to feel love in each moment, no matter what is happening around you. One way to do this is to remove your judgments and all you are left with is a feeling of love.

Give yourself an Option Process dialogue, attend a program, read a book, listen to a CD or watch a DVD on the Option Process or The Son-Rise Program. Use what you have to help yourself feel more comfortable and more loving.

Love and Smiles


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  1. Yup. And there are only 'present' moments. Either one recognizes Love in their 'present' or all the rest, its absence….various subtitles of Fear. bw

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