Optimal Self Trust

FROM BECKY: A little while back, I attended the Optimal Self Trust Program here at The Option Institute and had the best time. One of the things that I wanted to work on during the week was really believing and understanding that the universe really is benevolent. An example of me not believing this was that my beloved three year old dog Millerooski got hit by a car and died a couple of weeks before the program. I chose to be sad and guilty about that and not trusting that all change is good.    During the program, I was exposed to the idea that everything happens for everyone’s benefit and given a chance to come up with a theory to support why this happened for everyone’s benefit. It was fairly easy for me to come up with why it happened for my dogs benefit because I believed that he was a free spirit and hated to be tied up on our farm where we live. A consequence for that was that he wondered into the main road and got hit, however, I believe he had a great life (even though short) and was a free spirit. He loved to be independent and paid the consequences of that.
    When it came to why it happened for my benefit, then it was harder for me to come up with a reason but I reached inside and found one. This exeperience has helped me to be consistent with setting boundaries with the ones I love in my life. In The Son-Rise Program playroom I set boundaries. For example, if a child is jumping on the trampoline with scissors in his hand, I will set a boundary on that because I love the child and want to keep him safe.  Even though the child might not like the boundary, I know it’s for the best. However, with my dog, I did not set the boundary of tying him up at the farm or keeping him in the house because I knew that he preferred to wander free. Therefore I paid the consequences as his caregiver.
  If you love someone and want the best for them then it’s useful to set boundaries.

Love to all of you,

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