From William: I have just been editing new video clips of our Son-Rise Program Facilitators to show in our group training programs – The Start-Up, Maximum Impact and New Frontiers. It is so wonderful to see the different children as we work with them – each one is unique in their autism and how they take care of themselves. We have children who flip pages in a book, others that walk around the room, children who can stand as still as a statue as they take the top on and off a pen, children who are super controlling within an interactive activity, etc.

What is also wonderful to see (and I see this not only with our Autism Treatment Center of America staff but also with parents I talk to each week about their Son-Rise Program) is the way that these children are worked with. They are loved, celebrated for exactly who they are and then invited to grow and change.

There was one more aspect of what I saw that I was reminded of. It was the power of PERSISTENCE and how key this is to helping our children. It is in the joining of our children again and again in their world, it is in the celebrating for the thousandth time all of their efforts and achievements and it is also in the asking them again and again and again to take the next step. That’s Persistence!

Take a moment and celebrate yourself for this quality for you are amazing, you are committed, you are persistent and you are making a difference.

With love and smile


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