A Son-Rise Community

FROM KATRINA: This week is Maximum Impact and I want to start off by staying how impressed I am with all of the amazing parents who are here this week. They are digging into themselves and shedding discomforts. They are trusting that their children are okay at home while they learn more about how to be with and help them. They have started their own at home Son-Rise programs and have come back to ask questions and make an even greater impact. To all of these parents, I want to say: You are amazing! I have enjoyed meeting and talking with you!

I also want to encourage those of you out there who have not been to programs to come to one, and if you have been to one, to come to another. It is so amazing to see the communities that are formed here. To see parents of special needs children greet each other with such instant camaraderie and share similar stories of life and love and success. Coming to a Son-Rise Program or any Option Institute program for that matter is like creating a second family of individuals who want to support you and stay connected.

This is one of the things I love about Son-Rise. I feel like we are all in this together. We (and I mean everyone who has anything to do with the Son-Rise program: staff, parents, volunteers, etc.) will never stop loving, we will never stop caring, we will continue to want the best for you and your child and all involved. Aaaah – I love it!

wishing you all the best and hoping to see more of you!

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