We Are The Lucky Ones !!!

From Alison: When I look back over our Son Rise journey so far, I am filled with this huge sense of gratitude for all that has been. I have two lovely children, the Son Rise Program is for my son Jordan who is the younger child. When my daughter learned to talk I smiled at her cleverness at coming out with words like equipment when she was two years old. But when Jordan learned to say his first words, the celebration was huge and the joy in my heart immense because I knew what it took to get him to stretch himself to say drink and biscuit. I knew that according to the experts predictions those words were not supposed to happen. That sense of gratitude has stayed with me even though Jordan has been able to speak for a few years now. I am still awed by how he tries new things, always giving himself that extra challenge to reach back to me and explain his wants. Mothers of typically developing children do not get the opportunity to reach for this level of gratitude in the same way that we do. I want to keep that gratitude in place even when Jordan is an adult, always remembering how far he has come and how much it took Jordan to reach where he has. I am truly blessed to have this gift from my son.

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