As They Grow Older, So Does the Ism Change

From Gaby: This is my very first Blog and with 3 E’s I’m starting this new page of our Son-Rise experience. For the past 6 years I have shared this amazing Son-Rise journey with my son Tybalt. Once severely autistic and mentally retarded. The doctors gave us no hope he would be as a plant never to speak a word. The advice was to put him in a home and concentrate on his sister. Tybalt mean time though still autistic is a happy gregarious boy speaking full sentences, learning to read, he shares that he loves us and that he misses me when I go to work. The periods that he seems normal and not autistic ,are longer each day. In wonder I look at how far my son has come. He does still ism and this sometimes gives hilarious situations like last week. When I came home after work one evening I found him playing in his room. He was sitting on the floor stimming over a book. He loves holding long pieces of paper in his hand which he calls a “wiebel.” In his right hand he held a paper wiebel but in his left hand he held the new ( and first ever) bra of his sister. He held it between the two cups and with great dexterity he manged to move it in a magical way. Feeling his sister might not like him using it I explained it wasn’t a wiebel but his sisters bra and that he might still be too young to play with it. NO I’M NOT he said but sweet as he let me have it.

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