The Best Laid Plans…..

From Alison: So I wracked my brains for an idea for a game to take into the playroom and when I drew a blank I consulted with the big wide world of my friends on Facebook. We pooled our collective ideas and I chose one then adapted it a bit to suit Jordan’s motivations and then headed off to the playroom. What happened next demonstrates why I love The Son Rise Program over every other approach.
I entered the playroom with my game, excited by the idea of a playing a treasure hunt. Immediately Jordan wanted to play with me, but everytime I suggested the treasure hunt he turned it down and then chose to talk about something else. So, I followed his lead always going with him rather than against him. I think I probably suggested the treasure hunt about 10 times during the session and we never played it. But, and here is the cool piece, what we did instead was so much more valuable to me than playing the treasure hunt game – we had a conversation about how you become friends with someone. We talked about how two people have to agree to want to be friends in order for us to actually be friends. We talked about how you have to be a friend in order to have friends. It was one of those conversations that I always dreamed of having. That to me, is why Son Rise is so amazing, when you go with the child who knows what magical place you might end up. If I had forced my game on him we would never have had that wonderful conversation.

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