Conversation Skills Take 10

FROM BECKY: Hi Everyone! Here are a couple of ideas which will help you transition easily to conversational loops with your child The Son-Rise Program playroom.

1)Make sure that your child is at least stage three on The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model before really going for conversational loops as your goal.

2)Experiment with your child answering yes/no questions and choice questions before going to open ended questions. The yes/no and choice questions offer your child a prompt that they can learn from so they can get used to answering questions before challenging them to be totally spontaneous in their answers.

3)Wait until your child is highly motivated before working on conversational loops. If our child is talking repetitiously, not looking at you or responding to you then join them until they show you they are open. You will know they are open when they pause, give you a look or pay attention to you in some ways.

This is the last blog in this series. I would love to hear how it goes.

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