Game Ideas – Three New Ideas!

FROM KATE: Hi Friends! Due to a few technical difficulties, we haven’t been able to upload any videos for you the last two weeks – so this week, we’re giving you THREE fabulous game ideas to help you!

The first video offers you some ideas on how to introduce your theme. The way that you introduce your theme can be very important, especially with children who are more rigid with new games. Here are some fun ideas to help you:

The second video is for all of you who have children in Stage 4 of the Son-Rise Program Developmental Model. This video gives you ideas on how to help your children transition more easily into a school environment. It’s important to practice at home with your child before he or she tries to navigate friendships at school – and this is one idea to help you.

The third video is for all of you who have children who love visual sensory input. So many of our children flap their hands in front of their eyes, flip pages of books close to their faces, play with string by their eyes, etc. Here are some ideas for building interaction from your child’s interest in visual input.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week in the playroom with your children. Sending you all love!

Love, Kate

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