If you want to change the world then first you have to change yourself.

FROM ALISON: I have been running a Son Rise program for my son Jordan for 4 years now. About 2 years ago I got to the point where I felt that we had plateaued. Jordan had made great progress up to this point, but he seemed to have some challenges like his interactive attention span that weren’t moving, I felt that I had run out of ideas and I wondered whether this was it for us, that no more progress was possible. Then I went to volunteer on the New Frontiers Program in London. Whilst on the program William made a comment that sometimes you need to change yourself in order to help your child. As soon as he said that, it knew that applied to me. I knew that there were things in my life that were challenging for me and that I was unhappy about, so I decided to go to the Option Institute to do an adult program. I decided to go to the Exceptional woman program first. This program was amazing for me, it showed me a whole new way to be, I met women who celebrated and loved themselves for who they were and they loved me too. For the first time in my life I really started to look at some of my unhappiness and to learn that I was choosing it that way – which was totally OK, but I could do it differently if I wanted. I felt so loved and celebrated just as I was but with the opportunity to change. This program changed my life and then when I went home I took what I learned into the playroom. I have been back to the Institute for more programs doing Optimal Self Trust, Calm Amid Chaos, Empower Yourself and the Son Rise wide awake. Each program has built on the teachings of the previous ones. Each time I have come home with more clarity about how to really go for what I want both in my own life as well as in the playroom. Jordan has reaped the benefits of my working on myself as I am so much happier less judgmental and present. Jordan has been making some wonderful progress again and now is at the stage where I can teach him about the Option Process too.

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    This is an excellent example of the truth behind the criticisms of Son-Rise not being "reliable". How many people are willing to take responsibility that it is not just about their child and to rise to this challenge?

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