Initiating Something New!

FROM WILLIAM: Initiating something new.

For the rest of this week take up the Initiation Challenge. Each day look around your house for an object (prop) that you can bring into the playroom with your child. When your child gives you a substantial green light, and does not appear to be interested in another activity, initiate your object in a fun and compelling way.

For example:
prop = Big saucepan
Initiation ideas
= It can be a drum, spoons can be the drum sticks
= You can catch balls in it and then throw them all in the air
= If you have two big saucepans that can fit on your feet – turn them into shoes and have fun walking around!
= Make it into a puppet by decorating it – then it can be a fun character to play with
= Have fun guessing how many smaller objects can fit to it

Included in the stages of your child’s social development is expanding their world beyond their curent interests and repetitious activities. This is a great way to do it. For those coming, this month, to our Advanced Training Program, New Frontiers, we will be going into this important part of facilating in much more detail.

Enjoy being fun and creative with objects around your house.

Love and smiles


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