Jade Hogan – An Inspiration!

FROM BECKY: There was a buzz in the air! The bouncer at the door (Bryn Hogan) took my ticket! As I walked toward the concert hall, I saw the t-shirts on sale!

There was a sign at the door saying “Show starts in 5 minutes!” I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see one of my idols performing. The crowd were finally let in and we took our seats. The music started, and out came the star of the show………Jade Hogan!

For the past 6 months Jade has been planning a show to perform to her friends. I was honored to be invited to this show. Once a child who would cry inconsolably for hours, play with her toys exclusively and repetitiously, over and over again. Here was Jade in all her glory singing, dancing and oozing confidence and fun in front of a crowd.

I think about the years of my life that I spent hiding away from crowds, introverted and self conscious with a fear of being judged. I see this amazing 14 year old girl rocking out with no fear! Maybe if my parents had run a 5 year Son-Rise Program for me when I was young, I would have been able to that too!

Celebrating Jade Hogan!

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