Just Three Breaths!

FROM WILLIAM: I was reading a book on meditation and Being Present and one of the suggestions for helping yourself at time when you feel like you have so much to handle and accomplish (which I am sure applies to most of you!) was to stop and take 3 slow breaths.

As you take each breath in, focus on the physical sensation of taking it into your body and letting it go. Allow your other thoughts (of things to do, etc.) to fade and then put all of your attention on the sensation of the breath coming in through your mouth or nose, going down your throat and filling your lungs. The important part to doing this is the putting all your attention on your breath – don’t do this in a robotic way – make yourself pay attention to each and every breath.

I have been doing this over the past week and I find it to be a great way to ground myself, relax with the here and now and to become present with what I am doing.

Enjoy stopping and becoming more present with your children and your lives.

Love and smiles,


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