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FROM JACK: Hey again guys. I have just finished spending the day with a wonderful family who are using The Son-Rise Program to help recover their autistic son. Wow – what a day it has been – full of laughter, play and isming. In fact, a perfect example of everything I love about The Son-Rise Program! Let me explain.

This morning when I started my first session with this boy everything was a ‘No’! Every time I celebrated? ‘No!’. Every time I tried to build an interaction? ‘No!’. I noticed that if I even thought about trying out a game idea this fun friend would look over and tell me ‘No!’. Aren’t our children amazing like that? I loved that my friend was so clear in telling me exactly how to be with him, so I dropped the very idea of building interaction with him and set my intention to join this boy as deeply and excitedly as I could – to really give jim the message that there was no pressure from me for him to interact or to even look at me.

I got so deeply into our ism (stroking our respective blankets) and loved the feeling of the different textures beneath my palms, noticing every detail of the thread and the pattern. I even thought to myself ‘I can do this all day, if that is what my friend wants!’

After 45 minutes of solid joining – neither of us even looking at each other, this amazing boy spontaneously came over, took my hand, smiled right in my eyes and said ‘Tickle my tummy!’ We then proceded to have the most giggly, fun, connected games for almost the entire 2 hours left of the session!

To me, this showed the true power of joining, of letting go of expecting and needing anything from our children, of giving control and deeply, truly loving our children in all their exclusivity and controllingness. This is the real magic of The Son-Rise Program.

Go forth and join, my friends!

Huge love


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