Silence is Golden!

FROM BECKY: Last week I had the privilege of working with a lovely family from my own home county of Kent in England. This family had brought one of their fabulous volunteers with them and part of my time with them was spent giving her feedback on her time in The Son-Rise Program playroom.

As she entered the playroom, she was loving, vibrant passionate and sweet. She was also very, very talkative. She spent the session commentating on what was going on in the playroom. She talked about everything the child did, everything she was thinking and everything that happened.

During our class, I was curious to know why that was the way she had done it. She replied “I think I’m afraid of awkward silences”. It brought up an interesting discussion. Have you ever sat quietly with a loved one, maybe at a restaurant or while relaxing and enjoying a nice view? At times, there are silences.

Does it mean that we love that person any less?, no! Does it mean that things are awkward?, no? In the playroom, we want our children to process what is going on and experience room to be inspired to speak or spontaneously and add to the interaction. There is no need to “Fill in the gaps”.

Next time you are in the playroom, think about how it feels for your child if you are continually talking about what’s going on, there will be no need for your child to do or say anything if everything is already being said and done.

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    Love it…thank you.
    (awkward silence) 😉

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