Tybalts First Fight!

FROM GABY: We just had the most amazing experience. When the first volunteer came to play, I went out to jog. Upon returning home, the volunteer opened the door and told me I had better go upstairs because Tybalt was crying, they had had an argument. I went upstairs and found Tybalt sitting on a chair. Between big sobs he said “mommy Jorie was naughty”. I asked him to come and sit with me on the floor which he first didn’t want to do but after explaining I was tired from running he did. I asked him to explain what had happened. Between the sobs came the words “behind the toilet” “I kicked”. I asked him if he had been hiding from Joeri and then he had kicked him when Joeri wanted him to go upstairs. Yes he said. So I said “so you had also been naughty”. He nodded yes.He asked me to read a book which I said I would do but that we first had to take care of the argument. I called up Joeri and had Tybalt repeat the story and then asked Joeri what had happened.. Joeri said he had picked him up after Tybalt had kicked him and brought him upstairs. So I said to Tybalt you had kicked Joeri which Joeri didn’t like and then Joeri picked you up which you didn’t like. Yes Tybalt answered. So actually you had both been a bit naughty. Yes Tybalt answered.Maybe if you both said you are sorry you can be friends again? Because Tybalt didn’t want to say it first Joeri said sorry and then Tybalt said he wouldn’t do it again. When Joeri went down to get me a glass of water and my reading glasses I said to Tybalt all friends have arguments sometimes but real friends always make it up again and there came this wonderful teary smile on his face. I then told him a story about how I once I had a fight with a friend when I was a bit younger then he is now. The expression on his face when I told him the story was great like he almost couldn’t believe his mom had done this. It was such an amazing learning experience for all of us and the very first time Tybalt resolved an argument! For me a great opportunity to help Tybalt with this and a great opportunity for feedback with my player who had felt uncomfortable with the situation. Tybalt never makes a problem with going to the playroom as he loves it. Showing the player that carrying him to his room isn’t the most effective way but to stay patient and invite him to come is. Hooray for this experience. Afterward, I read a story for Tybalt as I had promised and he was his old self again.

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