Aggressive Behaviors!

FROM BECKY:Hi Beautiful People! This post is a follow on from the last two about intense physical energy. I would also love to help you with some things to do when the energy turns into aggression. This could come in the form of running at you and tackling you to the ground, getting you into a headlock, biting, kicking, hitting, etc.

1) All the same things apply as in the last two posts.

2) Get some large objects (preferably soft) that you can protect yourself with to have in The Son-Rise Program playroom/focus room. Try a therapy ball, cushion, or a beanbag. That way, if your child runs at you with intense energy, you can grab the item and put it in front of your body.

3) Action versus reaction! You have heard us talking about not reacting to things you don’t want from your child. Please don’t confuse this with not acting. You can swiftly grab your shield and maintain a sense of calm, strong and comfortable energy, trust me, I have done it many times and focusing on comfort while still wanting to protect yourself and help your child is a match made in heaven.

Watch this space for more ideas.

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  1. Thank you for this series! It was just what I was looking for today. I look forward to the next one:)

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