Inspirational Drawings

FROM GABY: Today I had a wonderful morning with Tybalt. First we practiced reading words and then we went to the playroom. Somehow Tybalt came up with the idea of drawing a Mister Orange. I was really excited because he has never wanted to draw but always wanted us to draw things for him but since a few weeks he has started to draw. Together we drew an orange, bananas, strawberry and a family of watermelons. The first figures had eyes, noses etc but as we got further we added hats,ties and the watermelons became a family with a baby in a pram a boy with a skateboard and from that we started drawing all the Mary Poppins figures as watermelons. All the while Tybalt drew things like eyes, noses. I taught him to add hands and fingers and he was really flexible with this. I was so proud of him! On Friday we have a Son-Rise Program group meeting and I’m going to hang up the pictures as inspiration for the team as I was taught at our Son-Rise Program Intensive.

Love, Gaby

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