Son Rise Program Practicing Gratitude



On Saturday it rained … and rained … and rained…

I woke up with plans to pick strawberries… to soak up rays of warmth, and fill by belly with plump ripened goodness …but it rained. With the coziness of pillows and blankets surrounding me, a huge smile formed across my face… I realized my opportunity… this day, this day of rain, was an endless opening to delve into whichever adventure I should choose. 🙂 Mmmm… Smile again.

A rainy adventure sounded perfect…

Off into misty trails of upstate woods I ventured… I opened up all of my senses to soak in my surroundings- honing into the sound of a far off woodpecker, or the crinkle of dirt and leaves beneath my feet… I sharpened and stretched my sight to look beyond the few trees that lay ahead- staring into colors, shapes, and shadows.

This rainy day adventure was turning into an adventure of gratitude. I was using each one of my senses as a tool to develop my sense of gratitude- hearing further, looking deeper, and feeling more.

In a very similar way I was “putting a playroom” on the woods that day… I was using gratitude and my feelings of love to connect with what was around me in a deeper and more meaningful way, the same way I feel love and gratitude when connecting and playing with my beautiful Son Rise Program friends.

Loving smiles,

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