How Do I Interact with My Older Child?

FROM BECKY: Do you have a child on the Autism Spectrum who is older? Perhaps in their teens, twenties or thirties? Have you ever wondered how to play/interact with them? Here are some ideas that will help you to apply The Son-Rise Program principles to your older child.

1) Make it stimulating! Are you offering your child interesting and age appropriate activities when working with them or is it still the same old nursery rhymes and bubbles? Even if their language is not sophisticated, it doesn’t mean that they are not understanding more complex ideas or capable of playing more abstract games. Think about what you liked to do at their age and create games where they can take part in a simple way. For example, bring in a craft idea such as “Make your own birdhouse” and have your child hammer some of the nails in and help you paint it.

2) Do something you actually enjoy yourself! What do you love to do? If you aren’t interested in the activity then why would they be? If you like gardening, bring in some seeds to plant, if you play an instrument, have them be your audience.

3) Be age appropriate! If your child is older or more sophisticated, treat them that way. Experiment with celebrating them to suit their personality (e.g. “Dude, you have the best eyes!” and requesting in a nonchalant way (e.g. simply handing them the hammer while you get the nail into position).

I would love to hear more ideas and any questions you have on this subject. More ideas coming soon.

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  1. SHALINI says:

    hi becky,
    nice iput. my daughter is 13 years old and if not watching tv, ends into doing something naughty like destroying something and running around the house laughing. she fears (an assumption) of trying new things and i dont know what to try with her. her ism is throwing herself on bed….offcourse with a phone in hand and if no phone..she will repeatedly keep asking for it…getting little anxious. so if i have decided no phone my first question is how to deal with repetitive talk and second what to offer. she says no to everything…..we changed place 2 years ago and due to my engagements and no volunteers she slowly got hooked to tv. we removed tv but couldnt give her something stimulating. she says no to all the things she used to do with me in the playroom. so no music, no singing, no books or stories. everything she does is for few seconds. she gets nervous and controlling. i want to start sonrise full time again. pls help

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