Intense Physical Energy Part 2

FROM BECKY: Hi Everyone! Here are some more ways to help your child when they have intense physical energy.

1) If your child has reached puberty and they like to linger after a hug or be physically close to you all the time, you can be their friend coach! One way of helping them to be socially successful is to explain that friends like short hugs and they also like to be asked permission before they get hugged. Practise this in the playroom with your spouse/member of your team on transitions in and out of the playroom. Model what that looks like with each other clearly in front of your child. This is an act of love and will be extremely helpful for your child when it comes to having friends.

2) Set a boundary! Make a deal with your child of where you want them to touch you. For example, I once worked with a 15 year old boy using The Son-Rise Program, who kept trying to touch and stroke my shoulders, legs and feet. I explained in a loving and non-judgmental way that I only wanted him to touch my arms up to my elbow because we were friends. We even shook on it. After that, each time it looked like he was going to my legs, I would sweetly remind him of our deal and he would stop and think about it.

3) Celebrate celebrate celebrate! Each time your child is socially appropriate and sticks to the deal, make them aware how amazing they are for listening and being a great friend.

More coming soon!

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