Intense Physical Energy!

FROM BECKY: Have you ever experienced your special child having a sudden urge to express them self in an intense, physical way. Maybe they were sitting in your lap calmly and then the next minute they were banging their chin into your head.Perhaps they got over excited during a hug and wrestled you to the ground. Maybe they like to touch your hair and get lost in the smell of it. This blog was inspired by a wonderful Mom that I have been working with who is smaller than her 12 year old son and he can overwhelm her physically at times. Here are 3 ways you can help your child in this situation The Son-Rise Program way. I’ll post more on this subject later this week:

1) Positioning: If you know your child has spells of being intense (e.g. tackling you to the ground or trying to bite), position yourself so that you are always able to protect yourself or control your movements. Don’t lay on the ground or sit lower than them and experiment with distance. Often when our children are intense it may be because we were too close to them.

2) Be a detective. Look for pre-cursors to your child’s physical energy, maybe they ate a certain food they had a reaction to, perhaps it was when you were giving them tickles and they got over excited. Ask yourself if you are feeling comfortable at the prospect of your child being physical in this way. We can sometimes pre-empt our children to do certain things if they get a rise out of us.

3) offer alternatives. By giving your child lots of sensory input throughout the day, they may be able to spread their physical energy out without it all coming out at once in a sudden way. Experiment with offering them deep pressure on their bodies, a chew toy to chew on or a bounce on the trampoline.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this subject,there’s more to come.

Love Becky

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  1. OptimumMom says:

    Thanks, Becky! This post sounds like it's addressed to my little guy and me 🙂 Luckily, my little guy is just almost 5 and still smaller than me.

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