Make Your Intention an Attitudinal One!

FROM BECKY: Hey All! Have you set your playroom/program intention today? To help get into The Son-Rise Program mindset, it’s incredibly useful to set an intention for yourself in each chapter of the day. When you set an intention, you are more focused, grounded and connected and you are more likely to stay in the here and now and not be worrying about what will happen later.

When working with families, I often ask parents/volunteers “What is your intention?” as they go in the playroom or as they give feedback to each other. Many times the intention that they set for themselves will be a technical one (e.g. “I am going to celebrate eye contact”, “I’m going to work on interactive attention span”, “I am going to ask lots of questions”, etc). While it’s useful to have these focuses, I actually find that if your intention is an attitudinal one then you are more likely to be successful with the technical aspects of the program as a result.

For example, instead of making your intention “Celebrating more eye contact”, make it “I will fill myself with love each time my child looks at me” or instead of “I will work on attention span”, try “I will make having fun in the game my priority” or if giving feedback, instead of “I will ask lots of questions”, make it “I will be completely present” or “Non-judgmental”.

Let me know what you come up with and how it went. xxx

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  1. Becky,

    this was perfectly helpful for me today. thank you!

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