Remember That Feeling?

FROM KATRINA: This week is the Start Up Program at the Autism Treatment Center of America. For those of you who have been to one of our Start Up Program’s I want you to take a moment to remember those initial feelings. The feelings of hope and understanding, those feelings of a community of people with similar experiences. The knowledge that your child CAN grow and has limitless potential.

Remember your excitement upon leaving? Focus in on that feeling, channel that energy next time you are going into the play room. Remember that huge group of people who were with you doing the same thing as you. Changing the lives of their special children. Loving, accepting, and joyfully challenging them! Gosh, I love that feeling!

Now, I’d love for you to take a moment and send love and hope to the large, worldly group that we have here now. Grow your love and excitement to include their child and their limitless possibilities. Believe that it means something that we are all here loving and wanting the best for each other.

Whenever you want that feeling of community again we are here for you! Write a post on our Facebook page or message board to communicate with the community at large, drop us an email to tell us how you are doing. If you’d like our help we are always here for a consult, brainstorming session or outreach (and many more ways of support). We want the best for you and your child!

Loving you and your family from Sheffield, Massachusetts,

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