Taking Care of Yourself

FROM GABY: When I started doing The Son-Rise Program, I listened to the CD Secial Children: Special Solutions. I remember a couple asking Samaria how she managed to do a Son-Rise Program for several years. They had started out full of energy but after half a year they felt burned out. She answered that every time she was about to go into the playroom she would ask herself if she wanted to and if not she would not go. I took this to heart. It’s not often (because I love the playroom) but over the years when ever I felt I didn’t want to go into the playroom I wouldn’t but I would do something else with Tybalt. This freedom of deciding only to go into the playroom if I wanted to, made me more effective as a player. Also it gave me the energy to run the program for all these years.

Another just as important decision was telling myself I had to take care of myself if I was to help my son. Taking care of myself meant I had to gear up my energy by at least once a week do something for myself. For years I went tango dancing once a week. When my partner decided to stop dancing I decided to do something else. I started getting up early and create a moment for myself where I could read a book in peace without being disturbed. Last May I started jogging. I’ve followed a schedule to run 5 km and six week on I reached the point that I can run the 5 km.I have tried jogging many times before but never managed. Thanks to a schedule helping me build up my condition and my decision to do it this time, it became possible and it has given me so much energy.If you are in a son-rise dip that’s okay. Decide to be nice to yourself and treat yourself to something nice. We need to take care of ourselves in order to help our children!


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