You Are Not Alone – I Am Here With You

From Alison: So there’s me and there’s Jordan in the playroom – just us, loving and playing together hour after hour, day after day. But, (and I so LOVE this thought) we are not alone; because all around the world, in thousands of other playrooms, mums and dads and volunteers are reaching out with love to their special children. At any given moment in the day someone is there, just like me. It’s like we are this extraordinary family sharing the knowledge that love is the answer for everything. Last week I was on the Son Rise New Frontiers program in London and someone said that being on a Son Rise program was like being at a family party where only the cool relatives were invited. We understand things that noone else gets, we form a strength by loving unconditionally and whole heartedly. I have more in common with you if you are running a program for your child than I do with my own blood family even though we may have never met (yet). We are like little beacons of light stretching out across the globe bringing love to all those we meet. How AMAZINGLY AWESOME is that and what a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY for us to truly and completely love ourselves and our children.

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  1. Maria S says:

    This was the message William left us with on the last moments of the Start Up program that just ended this week. All 117 of us were holding hands in a circle right before it was time to go back home, and we all saw the little lights of hope across the globe. I pictured all the happy faces of others currently working in their playrooms to inspire our beautiful children. I really loved that image, and hope to keep it in my heart for a long time. Thank you for this beautiful thought, Alison.

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