Older Child?

FROM BECKY: Here are some more ideas of games to play with older children in your Son-Rise Program playroom:

1) Karaoke contest! Bring a list of steps to take for your Karaoke show (e.g. Choose a song, get a microphone, wear a costume, perform!). Then take turns helping each other execute this game. If your child is not yet verbal, have them hold the microphone while you perform, or create a song out of his/her unclear sounds.

2) Twister, good old twister can be played the conventional way or you can make up your own rules. For example, if you are working on your child being more interested in people place some subject words (holiday, hobbies, time when you were happy) that you and your child can talk about on random circles on the twister mat. The last circle that you hand or foot lands on each time, gets to share or ask the other about that subject.

3) Connect 4 with a twist! As you play this game, add a fun forfeit to the game so the person who wins or loses has to do something fun (e.g. give the other one a shoulder rub, sing their favourite song, do a dance move, etc).

I would love to hear more of your ideas or questions to do with interacting with an older child.

Have fun!

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