Today is Your Day!!!

FROM KIM: I want to invite all of you amazing, wonderful and playful people out there to create time in your day to PLAY!! Afterall, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, and since many of you reading this are Son-Rise Program parents to incredibe children – lets show them how much fun we really are!!! The more we model our playfulness the more likely our children will be attracted to us, drawn to our output of excitment, and ultimately learn this playful way of showing up in the world for themselves…It all starts with US!!!

So here are a few things I thought would inspire a little bit of PLAY into your daily life:

Sing out loud
Dance and wiggle to wake your body up
Use silly voices
Stretch your facial muscles out by making funny faces or exaggerating your face as you talk
Act out the books you read
Wear a funny hat
Sing a silly song
Tickle someone
Do a silly dance
Do something backwards
Stand on your head (or try to!)
Talk gibberish
Put on a funny nose
Put on a mask
Juggle- or try to
Make a funny face
Make up a funny poem
Skip around
Spin in a circle
Dress in funny clothes
Make up a funny story
Startle someone gently
Put unrelated foods together
Put clothes on your pet
Paint or draw a silly picture
Communicate only in pictures
Communicate only in sign language
Talk normally but substitute words in a funny way – like “blue” for every color or “teapot” for every noun.
Tell a joke
Make a pun
Color a picture but use absurd colors like a purple or yellow sky
Spin in a circle
Wear bright or unusual colors
Wear your clothes backwards
Give yourself and your friends nick names
Make your fingers into puppets
Use toys to act out a scene
Make an exaggerated laughing face, then an exaggerated sad face
Do a sommersault
Do a cartwheel
Fall down (on purpose and gently)
Talk in a funny accent
Talk in a funny voice
Eat like a dog with no silverware
Act like an animal is some way
Laugh for no reason
Make pictures or patterns in your food
Put unrelated pictures together, like a cartoon character in the middle of a group of landscapes
Wear unrelated styles, like a tiara and blue jeans or a frilly apron with a suit.
Blow bubbles
Do a cheer in the middle of a regular conversation
Put up colored streamers or balloons
Finger paint
Finger paint with soap suds in the shower or bath
Laugh in as many different styles as you can
LAUGH as much as you can!!

And, for inspiration, here’s a fun video for you:

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