Who Let the Down Out? DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

From Katrina: Hey all you fun loving people out there. Want to know a quick technique to encourage more clear, single words and keep your own complicated talking to a minimum?

Try modeling the word you are encouraging to the tune of a song. You can either replace every word with the word you are modeling, or most, or occasionally replace words.

An easy song to use is “row, row, row your boat”, but you can use more complicated songs as well (especially motivating for older children). I sometimes have fun myself just thinking of different songs that are fun to use to model words to. (“We like to move it, move it” “In the jungle the music jungle, the music sleeps tonight”, or “shake, shake, shake, …shake, shake, shake, shake your arms”, or say the word “ride” to the tune of the lone ranger. There are sooo many ways to do this!!!)

Have fun rocking out your words!

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