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FROM BECKY: My next series of blogs is inspired by a consultation I recently had with one of our wonderful Son-Rise Program, Start-Up participants.

My child won’t go to sleep, what do I do? The particular child in question would begin crying once in his room and then would continually come out of his bedroom and cry, whine, shout, scream, and generally keep the whole house awake for hours. This also applies to children that refuse to sleep in their own room or their own bed. If this sounds like you then please read on…….

1) Pick a week that you are going to help your child settle into their new bedtime routine and make sure that it is a week when you can afford to lose a couple of nights sleep. We don’t recommend that you choose a week where you have visitors or an important meeting at work for example.

2) Believe that your child can and will change. Your child is doing the best they can to get what they want and don’t want and you can help them by providing a loving, accepting but strong and determined attitude.

3) This is an act of love. Helping them settle will not only be helpful for them but for the whole family. Losing some sleep while you put this new way of being in place will help you later to get quality rest at night, therefore being more available to help your child in the long run. If you are rested, you will be able to be more present with them.

4) Get everyone in the family on board. If someone in the household caves in and allows your child to come out of their bedroom or sleep in your bed then you will defeat the object of what you are trying to achieve.

More coming soon!

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