Do you want more energy in the room?

From Katrina: Every single moment of our lives we make a decision about who we are in that moment. Every single moment people all over the world are deciding to do different actions to reflect who they are. Now this may sound deeper than you think you are being, but its not.

Right now you are reading this blog. That decision tells me you want to help a child, you are interested in personal growth, and you are finding ways to accomplish this goal. Every thing we do in every moment is a choice in that moment. When we acknowledge that we have the power in each moment to decide how to be and what to do to make that happen we are empowering ourselves for success.

Yesterday does not matter– that was who you chose to be yesterday. Last minute does not matter – that was who you chose to be then. Each second we can create anew. The question is who do you want to be right now?

In the playroom I decide to be fun, happy, and energetic and so can you! Wow, isn’t this thought freeing? You create you, the past doesn’t matter. Something I do to help me solidify this concept for myself is write a list of qualities you want for yourself – then want no further -just create that and have them!

Aaah, life is so amazing. Wishing for you to create joy and happiness!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of course! It's just what I needed now! Thank you

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