Dual Playroom Sessions!

FROM BECKY: So, here are some more guidelines when working with another Facilitator in your Son-Rise Program playroom.

1) One reason we would have two people in the playroom with your child is to model how to be with people and to have friends. For that reason, we would recommend that one of the Facilitators takes the lead and the other one is more a follower. That way you can easily show your child how to play. They will see a demonstration of what its like to initiate with another child and how to respond, whoever is following, will show him how to respond.

2) Keep it short. If you are doing a dual, it’s important that your child feels a sense of success with the experience. If you see that they are not handling it very well with two of you in the playroom then feel free to go back to being one to one with them. If this is the case then there is still more work to do with them working on more of the skills in stage three of The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model.

3) Be gradual. Start with one dual session per week and see how it goes, If your child seems to be enjoying it then up it to twice a week and gradually increase it as your child changes and grows.

Have so much fun and let me know how it goes!

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