FROM GABY: Tthis week we were blessed with an outreach with Gerd. Of all the Son-Rise Program teachers he was the only one I had never met, even though I had heard lots about him from other parents and had seen videos of him playing with their children. An outreach is one of the biggest gifts we as parents can get. The teacher comes into our house and sees the child in his home, the place where he feels the safest.The teacher sees the whole family and also the players and therefor gets the total picture. I love the outreaches and feel blessed that I can get them. Also I’m immensly grateful for the teachers who travel all over the world thereby spending much time away from their loved ones in order to help our children.

Together with Gerd we filled in the Son-Rise Program Developmental Model and set our new goals. As parents and volunteers we sometimes look too positively at our child’s achievements (how great they all are) and we too had put Tybalt a bit further in his development then he was. This helped us greatly because it makes our plan of continuing our Son-Rrise Program full-time more concrete.

Every now and again I have always needed the extra stimulus to up my energy and enthusiasm for the program. Not that I have ever doubted continuing the program – because it truly is what I believe in – but I love getting the extra surge of Option Process energy in the normal rut of daily life with work, household, diets, biomed, etc. That is also why I go to the adult programs. Attitude is 90% of the success of the Son-Rise Program and keeping up the attitude 100% is not always that easy if your doing it by yourself. Luckily we always have the Option Institute and their wonderful staff to help us it’s just a matter of taking that step. For all you parents out there, I hope I inspired you to take that step

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