A Poem from the Son-Rise Program

From : Brandi Davis

A river of light greeted us as it pushed through the window pane.
Dancing like a tribe of Angels dropping their wings in the summer rain.

I knelt down upon one knee so I could see beyond his eyes.
Than he bounced up and began to jump.
I thought that he would fly.

I stood in wonder and I gazed at the smile upon his face.
And how he giggled as his feet rose up into outer space.

As I bounced and flew with him my soul it felt so free.
No longer rooted to the ground that stretched below our feet.

He was my guide that one day in July. My teacher. An inspiration. My friend.
Painting moments in time. Writing minutes in rhyme. Till the hours flew by with the wind.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you for your beautiful poem, I made a melody to it just now:) A very happy one! Caroline

  2. Thanks Caroline!! I wish I could hear your melody right now : ) I learned quickly that these children are a constant source of inspiration!!

  3. Oh yes, me too! I have been making several songs lately, many of them started in the playroom, either as my son started to sing a new melody or as an idea created from something we did. I will try to make a superfast recording, and I can mail it to you if you give me your adress. Or maybe I can find you on Facebook?

  4. I love that many of your songs started in the playroom!! I hope your son gets to hear them!!
    I also love that you put a melody to my poem!!! It means a lot to me that you would inspire yourself enough to do that : )I can't wait to hear it : ) You can find me on Facebook and then we'll figure out the easiest way to send it to me. Thank You for loving the Son-Rise Program Caroline! xoxo

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