A Poem from the Son-Rise Program

From : Brandi Davis

I watched him control his moments like a carpenter
carving his wants into the finest oak tree.
Twisting and shedding the bark with precision
until its essence poured out at our feet.

He created freeways constructed from a sliding board
and blankets to bridge his road.
Driving trucks over mountains he flapped his hands
as the tires crashed down at my toes.

Each moment felt sacred and peaceful.
The wisdom he shared with his smile.
Unfolding secrets of love through the ages
as he laughed at his toys in a pile.

There was no need to wait for answers
as he tossed his toys in the air.
No need for conversation
as the plastic splashed down everywhere.

All truths spoke through his actions.
His love filled space and time.
He led the way in silence
as each thought lifted from my mind.

Breathe in and breathe out. Let go and jump in.
This day means even more than you see.
No moment is small even toys as they fall.
See the Now and you’ll see everything.

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  1. What a beautiful poem, it might be singing soon;)

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