Son-Rise Attitude Public Moment

FROM JAMIE:A few years back I had a Son-Rise Attitude Pulic Moment that I will never forget. One reason I will never forget is because had I not taken on the “Son-Rise Attitude,” I would have had a much different experience…..

I was taking Tyler to meet her dad for his scheduled visitation day. I had a doctor’s appointment that day so he was going to pick her up early. We were meeting at a gas station that had a McDonalds restaurant inside. Tyler’s dad hadnt arrived when we got there so we went inside to get something to drink. It was 12:00 pm at this time. The restaurant is filled with construction workers and other people coming in for lunch. Tyler and I are standing in line waiting to pay for our drinks. Tyler was standing behind me. I turned to her to get her drink to pay and noticed that I had forgotten that she still had my black bra in her hand and was dangling it in the air and isming. I just startede laughing ~ it was such a natural reaction for me at that time. It didnt matter to me who saw or what they thought. It was a real funny experience for me. Before my “Son- Rise Attitude” I would have been embarrassed and maybe even a bit apologetic. My experience would have been totally different. What a day to remember 🙂 I am grateful for the Son-Rise Program so that Tyler and I can have these wonderful experiences always ~ at home or in public.

Love, Jamie

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  1. Very funny Jamie, I love it! Thiago once brought the whole sanitary pads pack all stack together in a nice arrangement to the living room when we had visitors in lol

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