Whatever the Issue, Stick to the Essence

FROM JEANNIE: Numerous people wrote to me giving input about specific topics they would like addressed. However, before getting into any particulars of any issues, I realized that first I really want approach ALL of the topics with this overview: IN MY OPINION, THE SON-RISE PROGRAM WORKS BEST WHEN WE STICK MOST STRONGLY TO THE ESSENCE OF THE CORE PRINCIPLES AND FOUNDATIONAL CONCEPTS.

BE PRESENT, BE LOVING, BE ACCEPTING!!! Ultimately this will always lead to a wonderful path, regardless of the details, or whether the path is perfectly “right” or the “best”. Every path of genuine heart-and-soul-felt love is the perfect path.


It’s about priority. Because believe me, I’m not saying don’t have specific goals. I had lots of specific goals with my son, and there were lots of specific techniques we employed. But it’s a slippery slope to getting lost in the details. I’m just saying stay CENTERED on the basic beliefs and ideas.

STICK TO THE ESSENCE…. STICK TO THE CORE! It’s not so much about what we are DOING, it’s about HOW WE ARE BEING…FROM THE INSIDE-OUT…

If you are struggling or confused or frustrated…..ask yourself if you are focusing on the present or the future or even the past. Are you prioritizing LOVE for your precious child’s inner being or worrying about the “real world”.? Be aware, be mindful, and gently re-focus on the present and on having an open heart of love and joy. Often the answers will almost magically reveal themselves, without you even having to ask or try. You will see.

Please let me know what happens.

Namaste Everyone,
Jeannie 🙂

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  1. maria ines novas (argentina) says:

    I Liked it very much. you know.. i was asking myself about what goals we will add to german's program in the next team meeting. I will read this to begin…
    Than you!!
    Maria Ines (argentina)
    German's mom

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